quarta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2014

Vintage Goodies - Part I

Hello babes,
This last week I went hunting for vintage goodies in some second hand shops nearby. I got great stuff for almost nothing! 
Charity shops are a great source of vintage for very low prices. I really love to go there because they look like your granny's attic. You find a lot of ugly stuff but in the end what really excites me is the hunting for treasures!
Today I'll show you a part of what I've got. 

Cute little sleepers in a very good condition! They are so pretty I would wear them on the streets!

 This one is an old finding but I wanted to feature it anyway! Mid century curtains that I later transformed into beautiful pillows! (see bellow)
This little  navy bag is one of my favourite finds of the week! It's a 50's leather bag in perfect shape and condition! It was only 2€ in a charity shop. Can you believe it? I also got these cute nylon scarves in tropical green, black and animal print!

Got a lovely vintage lingerie box! This is where I keep my sunglasses now! ( props to the wonderful hairdryer)

And last, but not the least... not a vintage find, but a cute find for sure! Cat charm bracelet I bought on Claires! One more for my cat collection!

Wasn't it a good hunting?  Tomorrow I'll bring you more of my vintage goodies!

La Mermaid

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