quarta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2014

Pink hair

Although pink hair is too mainstream now, it still is one of my favorite hair colors and probably the one I miss the most. It's difficult to maintain, specially if it's a pastel shade and that's why I gave up.
(my pink hair, 2012)

From all the shades of pink there i,s my favorite one is the flamingo color or pastel pink (which is my favorite color for everything).

I love the combination of fantasy hair colors and classic hairstyles. It really gives a clean, beautiful and special touch to the person, otherwise your hair will look like an ugly wig from the low cost store.

Although we associate pink hair to hipsters and real "cool" trendy girls from tumblr or myspace or instagram, it has been around for quite some time. For example Shirley Maclaine in What a Way to Go! (1964) with her wonderful up-do.

Or Frenchie, my favorite Beauty School Dropout from Grease (1978)

And last but not the least, one of my favourite divas, Cyndi Lauper

La Mermaid

quinta-feira, 19 de junho de 2014

Sea Inspiration

Hi gals,
So today I decided to post about one of my biggest inspirations, the Sea.

I bought a lovely iPhone case with sea ornaments today. Very glamorous and elegant, full of rhinestones, pearls and golden things. This inspired me to write about the Sea and its wonderful creatures, colors and textures.

Since the early age I've always been attracted to the sea, perhaps because I was born and lived a big part of my life by the sea shore and also because of the beautiful fairytales related to it.

One of my dreams was to be a mermaid (which is impossible :( but I  still dream about it anyway), with long hair and a beautiful glittery tail, living in a sand castle and being friendly with all the sea creatures (ok, maybe I was reading too many fairytales). Still, not being able to be a mermaid, I enjoy whatever is inspired by it, since manicure, to make up, clothing, acessories and house decorations.

Today I'll post some images that inspire me and that sure will inspire you. It rea


La Mermaid

domingo, 18 de maio de 2014

Dita Von Teese Lipstick for Art Déco

Hi gals!

So today I finally got Dita Von Teese Art Couture Lipstick for Art Déco. It's wonderful!
I bought the velvet effect lipstick on color 631. It's mate but still with a silky touch, wonderful color and also very tasty! It makes your lips pop out and it's very lasting. It is very similar to MAC's mate lipsticks in texture and durability. The best part is that I bought it with 50% discount! 

I also want to get the face compact powder and also the eye shades. They're beautiful and glittery, very elegant and delicate.

They come in a great variety of reds. I picked the more blood colored one. (It's not in the picture though). The tube design is so fancy and cute! Here's the one i got:

Love the beautiful lady's drawing!

The packaging.

Poirot approves it! :D

And here's a picture of how it looks like on the lips!

Do you have any of these Dita Von Teese products? If so what's your review?


La Mermaid

terça-feira, 13 de maio de 2014

April's Instagram

Here is my 
April's instagram posts:

Beehive day!

My baby boy <3

Had some modeling work.The place was amazing! Prettiest ceiling ever <3

Spring earrings challenge: Day one!

Got a beautiful Crystals to Dust set of Earrings and necklace!

Spring earring challenge: day 2
Poirot is the cutiest baby boy <3

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La Mermaid

My latest Editorial

This is one of my favorite styling works I've done so far, specially because of the pretty clothes and place! I'm very proud of this one!

You can also check it out here

Styling La Mermaid
Photography Mariza Seita
Model Nazaré Pinela

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La Mermaid