terça-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2014

Cats and All About Them

Hello babes,
Tonight I'm going to talk about one of my favorite books and also one of my favorite flea market finds. That's right, I'm talking about Cats and All About Them by Frances Simpson. 
I found this book on a flea market for only 50 cents .

At first I really loved it because it was about cats, of course, but also because of the cover that was beautiful. When I first opened the book I saw it was signed by the writer herself but I didn't know who she was. Then when I googled her I saw how important this book was.. and mine was AUTOGRAPHED!

This is the perfect book for every Cat lover. Frances writes about Cat breeding, Cat's health, the most important and popular breeds from the era (beginning of the XXI century), and also Cat exhibition and contests.

Miss Frances and her beautiful persian cat Cambysses

Photo from a cat contest is the Crystal Palace

Such a majestic cat!

This lovely persian looks like my baby Poirot 

Wonderful hardcover with engraved letters and illustrations.

And now, my beautiful babies. The loves of my life! <3

Me and Poirot.

Mermaid being a sleepy cat!

What about you? 
Are you a cat lover? 
Tell me about your kitties!

La Mermaid

2 comentários:

  1. Adoro aquela primeira fotografia! Confesso que prefiro cães a gatos, não consigo confiar num gato ahah
    Belo achado, esse livro :)

    1. A fotografia é divinal, não é? :) eu sempre me relacionei e me identifiquei muito mais com a personalidade dos gatos, desde muito pequenina. Não sei se foi pelo facto que ter tido sempre imensos gatos, mas de qualquer das formas eu consigo compreender a personalidade deles. São animais muito particulares e independentes. O cão é mais dado, dai criar mais empatia entre os humanos. mas em geral, adoro qualquer tipo de animais. Menos os insectos haha