quarta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2014

What a gal likes!

Hello gals!

Have you heard about Crystals to Dust? It's a vintage inspired online-shop that I own!

It goes from retro accessories to vintage replicas, all made by me. It's not only for the vintage lovers around the globe but also for the girly gals that like beautiful, colorful and unique stuff.

Bellow there's some new items made this week!
Check it out! For orders e-mail me at crystals.to.dust@gmail.com

 Strawberry bracelet, very cute and colorful!

Carmen necklace, for tropicalia and Carmen Miranda's lovers.

Rio necklace, beautiful, simple, yet very exotic!

Lucky charms bracelet, for every lucky gal!

 Lucky lover earrings! 

Hurry up and get yours now! 

La Mermaid

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